$1500 (AUD) Gaming PC

I need everything (as in all hardware, not software), I'm NOT going to cannibalise any parts from another PC, so this will be a completely fresh pc build.


Things I would like to do or muck around with when I have built the PC; Gaming (Obviously, as I have a massive Steam library), Hosting of game servers, Virtual Machines, Bitcoin Mining, [email protected] (As well as other @home "stuff"), Game creators / editors / engines (e.g. Unity), Blender, etc. These are the main (intensive or somewhat intensive) tasks I will be undertaking and I'm not sure if I will be overclocking (maybe not).


Future Intentions; I plan to double the RAM from 8GB to 16GB, and maybe even add more later.


How can you help; I would like suggestions for improvement in my build, I would like to know if any parts are not compatible with one another (I’m sure they are fine, but just in case), I would like to save money in my build as well (if possible), and I would also like recommendations on the parts I have chosen, (If they are a solid choice, etc.) or if I am missing any parts (e.g. Additional case fans).


I will be updating this list as I choose the parts. Prices are in AUD (Australian Dollar).


  • CPU COOLING; (Please help me choose one, I am not sure if it will be to large since I have high profile RAM, and I would like the price to be able to fit within my budget)

  • GPU; I will go with one of these, probably the 280X DCUII Y V2 (Price - $419.00)

  • NIC; Either this or this (Prices - $47.00 and $45.00)


Things that I do not wan’t to change in my build; CPU, GPU and Case. If you recommend I change any one of the parts I just listed (CPU, GPU and Case), please give a valid reason why. All other parts are open to discussion and revision.


Budget: $1500 AUD (Can go over if absolutely necessary)


Here is a PC Part Picker link for those of you interested (it is unfinished ATM);



Note: Parts available in the US are not all available in Australia, please note this when recommending parts, thanks. The links I provide will most likely not be the final place where I purchase the parts from (just an idea of the price in AUD in which I will be spending).

Also will I require any ESD protection, to protect my components from static (I usually haven't worried about this in the past), If I do require ESD protection can you please provide links to places where I can buy mats and wrist straps from.

Thank you in advance for any and all your help, cheers.

Firstly, I would suggest a 750w PSU, as this will still provide enough power if you want to go crossfire with the 7970. My build which I'm ordering monday is very similar (except on socket 2011); I'm getting this:


but you could also look at the RM-750 or the HX-750. people are loving the RM series, but for slightly cheaper and an extra 2 year warranty I could deal with an HX series without 0RPM mode.

also, I know you said you didn't want to change the GPU, but you can get good R9-280X cards for cheaper, even the DCUII, so I'm not sure why you would want to get the 7970



As for the NIC, I'm not too sure, I too need wireless so unless someone has any better suggestions, I'm going with this, there are a few others around the same price range too, so just have a look i suppose.


Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for your assistance, now onto the build.

With the PSU there is not much difference in price between yours and mine, so I will stick with what I have. I am also really liking the 0 RPM mode as well, it's a feature that I really think will come in handy. Anyway if I am strapped for cash I will look into the RM-750 series, as some of them are slightly cheaper that what I currently have listed in my build.

As for the GPU, isn't the ASUS R9-280X just a re-brand of the ASUS 7970? I wouldn't mind paying the extra couple of dollars for the ASUS 7970, and I'm sure the drivers are more stable as well (Correct me if I'm wrong). I trying to consider the ASUS R9-280X, but I am a bit sceptical, as I would like to know if I would run into any problems with a new card like this.

With the NIC on the other hand I am tossing up between this and this

Also I still need to choose a CPU cooler (can anyone help me out, I'm not exactly sure what to look for).

You do realise that that PcPartpicker link is US - Newegg won't ship to Australia certainly and I doubt the other retailers will, except Mwave. Parts will be more expensive.

I perfectly understand your choice in PSU, I was just offering a slightly cheaper alternative, so that's all good.

the R9-280X runs slightly better FPS than the 7970 in general, like 1 or 2 FPS, and if it's cheaper you would be crazy to pick up a 7970, unless that is cheaper. It is definitely NOT worth spending more on a 7970, as far as I know there aren't any issues with the drivers or anything.

Ahhhh, I see, well thank you. The R9-280X is slightly cheaper so I guess I will pick that instead.

Looks like I might be slightly over budget, shouldn't be a problem.

Yeah I know PC Parts Picker is US, but I checked and the parts I listed are available in AUS. I also checked the price of them to see whether they would fit within my budget.