~150 USD GPU upgrade

I live in the US and am looking to buy a new GPU to go with a new CPU I got. I’m looking to spend ~150 dollars but with a 250 dollar maximum, used or new.

I’m pretty content with my current gaming performance at 1080p60fps medium settings in Rainbow Six Seige, and all my other games, but for using blender, this GPU doesn’t exactly do the best in terms of speed or VRAM. The only real GPU’s I saw at this price were the GTX 1060 6GB or an RX 580 8GB, with most everything else being a bit too much, any recommendations or opinions about what to get?

Current PC:
CPU: FX-6300
GPU: ASUS HD-7970 Direct CU II

Upgraded PC:
CPU: Ryzen 1700X
GPU: ???

I would wait for after CES, pretty sure AMD will drop some new stuff then


Yeah, that makes sense

I don’t know but when I’m pretty content I usually don’t upgrade. But on the other hand I still have a working PC with an Athlon X4 750K in the kitchen so…

There’s really no harm in waiting, but a 580 can be had used for ~$150 and is pretty incredible price/performance. That said, it’s not like they’re going to get more expensive if you wait.

Bad time… wait till mid time 2019 … We will be seeing a 7nm war on the nvidia and amd gpu front so its good to wait until the competitors have both duked it out then roll the card thats best for your budget and use.

BUT if you must see if you can find a used RX 580 for the price or maybe 10-20 dollars more… Thats insane performance for the price… just make sure it hasnt been fucked by miners

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