15" vs 17" Laptop

Ok, so I'm going to buy a laptop for college next year and I'm considering waiting until the Lenovo Thinkpad W540 gets released. However, I'm going to be doing a lot of Adobe CC/Solid works/Autodesk work that I would prefer a 17 inch screen to do.. However, the 15" screen has a 3K resolution (2880 x 1620). Would the increase in resolution from 1920x1080 make up for the loss in 2 inches of screen real estate? 

Hello Joey, i love working with Photoshop myself, and by working i mean everything from drawing to GFX.

I had experience with laptop screens before, and i think the best for you would honestly be a 2880 x 1620 choice.

2 inches are not a huge loss compared to higher image quality and better color contrast in my opinion.

Yet it's your choice, and if you decide that 17 Inch screen is better for you, just let it be :)

- Matt

Ok, sweet. That is what I was thinking, but wanted second opinions. XD