14900U ECC-Memory - Should I keep it?

Hi everyone!
I recently picked up 2x4GB of Hynix PC3-14900 (1866 Mhz) unbuffered ECC memory from Ebay.
Not that I needed them, but they were new and a very good deal for ECC mem.

It's the same ECC memory that is in the current Mac Pro. It's also pretty much the fastest ECC memory that I know of.

Now here is my question:

I'm planning on building a small server for my business in the very near future, either on an AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon plattform. Can anyone tell me if it makes sense to keep that RAM around for that purpose or will this not work on any other system than the Mac Pro? They are standard 204-Pin DIMMS.

Since that stuff is quite rare, it's not on any compatibility lists I' ve seen so far.

I can't think of an Opteron or Xeon compatible board that uses 204 pin DIMMs. It seems like it would only be useful in proprietary equipment like the aforementioned Mac Pro. Ditch 'em.

Sorry, of course it's 240-Pins, not 204.

I wasn't being sarcastic, I thought you had SODIMM. I don't know shit about the Mac Pro but ECC SODIMM seems like something they'd use.

So yeah keep it. I'm sure you'll likely want more RAM in your system than 8GB but you can run those alongside 8GB DIMMs no problem.

Yeah, I was actually bidding on the whole 32GB Kit, but since they all ended just seconds appart from each other I was only able to get two. If I have to get another two at the regular price, it'll still be a good deal overall.

I just wanted to see if anyone has actually used these before.
The worst thing that could happen is that it would run at 1600 Mhz instead of the 1866 Mhz it's capable of, right?