$145 R9 380 4GB or $200 RX 480 4GB?

Hey guys, I'm putting together an entry-level gaming build as a gift so I need all the parts by Saturday 7/23 which means I need to order within the next 2 days.

Newegg has an Asus R9 380 4GB right now for $144.99 after MIR. I'm wondering if it would be worth the money saved to get this over the $200 RX 480 4GB (also since they likely will not be back in stock within the next 2 days).

What do you guys think? Is $145 still too much for a 4GB 380?



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Small question, what is the price of the 390 before MIR? Also get the 480, the power is worth the extra cash, plus the 390 consumes more power

380 is almost 40% slower than 480... No competition. Even if the 4GB 480 is slightly slower, this is still 35% performance difference. If you can afford it - go 480...

I was definitely feeling the 480 but still out of stock everywhere.

Microcenter? I think only from the store though... I also think only 8GB, or at least that is what their website is telling me.

after market 480, it's the performance of a 390 at the same power usage and for only slightly more.

I would say the RX480 but is the RP (retail price) really $200 or did retailers hike that up in price?

I have seen a cheap 390x from XFX on Amazon at around $260 also and thats an 8GB model

RX 480. though they are not available on most e-tailers at the moment. the most you're going to find them at is at your local retailer. (Fry's, Microcenter even Best buy)

What resolution do you wanna game at ? With the price of 480 being so close, i think it is worth it.. With a basic 1080p monitor, if the money was tight a 380 would be fine ?

don't bother with 380, go 480. There's no need for discussion for this. 480.

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RX480s are priced above that $300 mark right now and still showing up as out of stock in a lot of places, even if some stores might have some on the shelf.

I have not yet seen a single RX480 priced at that $200 mark anywhere.. Older gen 4gb cards like the 380x are still priced at around $220. I have not seen a 380x for $145 anywhere either.

Expectation is that prices should drop but whether they actually are dropping or not is debatable.

ended up getting a Zotac 1060 mini for $247 shipped. I'd consider myself an AMD supporter but they really fucked themselves by failing to meet demand of 480. I was planning to upgrade to an 8GB 480 but ended up gifting my 280X and keeping the 1060 for myself because I'm selfish and impatient.

Yeah 1060 for some brands is priced around $250ish which is a good deal. I purchased myself a 380 from amazon since the price dropped to $150 and I felt that was ok for that particular card.

That's quite a deal... We shall see how it will age, compared to the 480...
Congrats for your new GPU :)