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144Hz KVM?


Is it safe to assume that any DisplayPort 1.2 KVM will support 1080p 144hz?

They all seem to advertise 30hz or 60hz 4K but I can’t seem to get a straight answer about 1080p 144hz…



Currently I am using this display port switch for my G-Sync 144hz 1080p monitor to switch between my Linux and Windows systems. It’s rated to support 4k at 60hz and works perfectly for my 144hz 1080p monitor. The only thing you might also need is high quality display port cables such as VESA certified ones. In my case I only had to buy one VESA certified cable to fix my flickering issue at 144hz which I have connected between the switch and the monitor (I was able to get away with using other lower quality display port cables for the connections between the switch and my gpus). Also if you are using Linux and a Nvidia gpu I recommend using the proprietary drivers as the open source ones caused flickering issues for me when using the switch at 144hz.

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