1440p SLI Video Contributes to Dream-seller Shipping Delays

Who else bought an XStar, Shimian, etc after the reviews? Has it arrived and if so, when? Did it arrive as expected, on time, late, broken, perfect, dead/stuck pixels etc? Are you pleased overall with the quality of your Korean monitor?

After watching the triple display video on the 16th of August I began deciding which 1440p Korean monitor to choose. I clicked the link in the description and searched the suggested seller's inventory. It was the 17th before I decided on the XStar. Since the "summer sale" reduced the price to $259 for the matte display, I knew had to jump on that price. Unfortunately paypal wouldnt accept my debit card so I had to wait until Mon to withdraw money. By that time the cost had went up from $259 to $279 for no apparent reason. Although $279 is still a great price, I somehow noticed. Either way my order was in, and I had already "committed to buy" so the purchase was locked. But when it officially became time to re-submit my paypal info I noticed the delay: due to material shortages and influx of orders caused by ebay deal even normal delivery will be possible from Aug 26. Also this particular monitor was showing 600+ people viewing it per day!

I hope you get a fair portion of the traffic you drove to this particular seller. Because I think your review had to have sent more than a few people to buy. Im confident you sent a good portion of the 600+ daily viewers, but I know you sent at least one buyer. 

Im curious to know approx. how much traffic you actually did send his way. I wasnt sure about buying a Korean monitor but your video was the push I needed. I have to believe Im not the only one. So if you were one of the people to buy a monitor from dreamseller after the Aug 16 let me know how long it took for delivery. So far I have been given two delays. The first delay I expected- an email stating that my XStar will be shipped on the 26th, and the second promising to get the monitor out today, on the 28th.

But I doubt it will be out today, on the 28th and I expect it will be the 3rd, or 4th of September.

I am curious to know how your luck has been buying from dream-seller.

Thanks :)

I ordered my Xstar on august 3rd i recieved it the 8th. Day 4 of the 5day shipping.

maybe i got in before the HUGE rush

hope this helps?

I got a qnix (non pixel perfect/perfect matte) from green sum and it came pixel perfect in 3 days

Everytime I get another email from him I am more disappointed. It looks like its going to be a two and a half week thing..