1440P monitor, for use in a future PLP setup


I am currently looking for a new monitor to replace my main monitor (Currently a Samsung FX2490HD) I am looking for a 1440p monitor, so I can record/upload gameplay to YouTube in that resolution (since they have finally decided on a spec for 1440p video). The problem is, I would like to eventually expand this system to include additional monitors on one side or the other (perhaps both) I would like to have the side monitors be in portrait orientation. The reason I  want portrait orientation is that I would like to use simple apps on the side monitors, such as TeamSpeak, Skype,  Twitch chat, etc. I have no real interest in spanning games across multiple monitors.

 My question for you guys is what monitors should I look at getting? Price is a bit of a concern, but it is not top priority. I am mostly concerned about getting monitors which will line up properly using the height resolution (the side monitors would in that case be 1440x900, or similar) I want both the top and bottom borders of the main monitor to line up with the left and right borders (top and bottom after being flipped). I hope that makes sense...

The monitor I am currently looking at is the Dell u2713HM monitor. I have not really found an appropriate monitor for the side monitors. Any suggestions you guys have would be amazing :)

Also sorry if the question is stupid, I don't know enough about monitors to really make judgement on them. Decided to register on the forums and ask guys who are more likely to know :)



To clarify, I have selected a 1440P monitor that I like. I would either like to get a 1440*X monitor to go along side it in portrait mode, or I would like a suggestion for a better 1440p monitor and a 1440*X monitor to go with it. I picked the Dell one, because it seemed to have the best overall specs, and seems to be highly regarded in terms of its quality. I am open for suggestions if there are no 1440x900 (or similar) monitors that go well to match it. 

This ASUS is only .18 of an inch off: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-ve198t

So are you looking for a 900p monitor or a 1440p monitor?

Thanks for that :) out of curiosity, where do you find the specs for that? I've had a hard time locating them myself. 

Sorry for the confusion. I am looking for both really. I have picked the 1440p monitor that I liked the most out of what I saw, but I have by no means decided. What is most important to me is that I get a monitor combination that fits together well. If that means going with a different 1440p monitor than the one I suggested, for the sake of a better fit, then I am all for it.