$1400 Gaming Setup

I've posted before asking about a gaming setup for myself but I wasn't quite satisfied with what I got.

I've increased my budget and did more research about what I wanted/needed and I'm confident with my results.

  • mATX
  • Case w/ dust filters (carpeted room)
  • Overclockable

Any thoughts or criticisms?



making just a few changes, this is what i would go with. also, the 212 evo comes with thermal paste, but if you insist on getting some, i would opt for arctic mx-4. it is non-conductive, non-curing, and it lasts longer than metal or silicon based pastes.


-upped the CPU to the new devils canyon 4690k. only $20 more.

-went with the new mx100 SSD. high reads with Crucial reliability

-swapped GPU for an XFX

-changed the headset to the new Bitfenix Flo (multiple colors. went with black). has got some great reviews, doesn't need to be charged, and not limited to PC only. the mic and cord is removable, and comes with a shorter mobile one to use with phones/mp3 players on the go.

-swapped the monitor out for a BenQ RL2455HM. i own this, and can vouch for the low input lag. i don't follow MLG, but it is good enough to be one of their official gaming monitors. 


I'm very content with your improvements.

I'll be replacing the headset with an AntLion ModMic 4.0 that can be attached to an older pair of headphones (thanks Tek Syndicate!).


:) good luck with the build. modmic 4.0 + ATH-M50s might be what i go with in the future :)


This is what I'd build...

Main differences: Much better CPU cooler for overclocking... plenty of mobo +m.2 support for down the line... MUCH better PSU... Big GPU upgrade...

Wasted money in your current build:

- You're paying an extra $50 for 1 HDMI slot and 1ms faster response time...

- $36 price difference between a very capable mobo with m.2 and the gryphon...

- $17 extra for the case, while the Nanoxia is basically a clone of the Fractal Design, same build quality... $12 extra for the SSD, the Mushkin Chronos is fast will hold it's own...

- extra $5 on ram, DDR3-1600 with CAS 9 is all pretty much the same, Sniper heatsinks matched the build a little better...

-$12 on the keyboard (which I like that keyboard, but the CM Storm is just as functional and looks good as well)...

These little ticky-tacky price differences add up to $132... so for $5 more, you can funnel it into a much needed PSU upgrade, a nice CPU cooler for overclocking... then you get the big 290 upgrade over the 280x... pretty much anything should fit in that case by taking out the middle drive bay...

If you're getting the modmic instead of headphones, then disregard the Sennheiser phones, but they're very nice for that price point...

Good luck with the build...

I tweaked the build some for better graphics, better CPU cooling, and the better CPU (as others have)


I stuck with your keyboard and headphone choice because I figures you like the styling and functionality of them. This should outperform the other builds, but they are all so similar I think you will be happy either way.

Here's what I'm thinking after seeing your improvements.


I'd still highly recommend the R9 290 over the GTX 770... it's a much more powerful GPU for the same price (and the 4GB 770 is for SLI, or plans to SLI in the future... doesn't really use the extra 2GB without SLI)... something else to consider is the tried and proven coolers on the Asus, XFX, Sapphire, and EVGA models... 


We're talking ~15-25 FPS improvement with a lot better scaling for 1440p should you ever go that route in the future...

Also, I'd at least consider getting a motherboard with the M.2 feature... they're REALLY REALLY fast, and the prices will come down eventually...

but it'll be a beast regardless... GL with the build

+1 on the R9 290 recommendation 

Ah, I didn't think of that.

Build's a little over-budget now. Haha.

Would it be possible to keep stock and add a Noctua later on?


Depends on the cooler and how it installs, with the Nanoxia case, you'll have access to the back of the mobo and whatnot... I suppose it depends on how good your cable management is and how crafty you are working in small spaces in order to not have to rip out the mobo and disconnect a bunch of stuff to install the CPU cooler...  If you're not going to overclock immediately, then the stock cooler is fine for now...

I might argue to leave out the SSD and get the cooler. Yes, it WILL impact performance a LOT more, but it's very easy to install the SSD later,  whereas the CPU cooler can be best case tricky, to worst case impossible without ripping the whole computer apart and rebuilding...

Of course, you can knock out the thermal paste, which good thermal paste will come with the Phanteks cooler, and settle on a 24" monitor that isn't IPS and not have to leave anything out... that'd save about $50...

Up to you... whether you want all the performance now with a pain-in-the-ass installation later, less performance now, with a simple installation later, or sacrifice IPS on the monitor to get the price back down...


This build is more on budget, and the macho 120 performs better than the phanteks and has a very easy installation process if that matters. I changed the monitor to a highly rated LED that has a 2ms refresh rate that is good for gaming and saves money. I also changed the r9-290 to a cheaper, but still good model.

Total: $1409

Yep, looks great! Quick question though.

Would the Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 work for my overclocking needs? It's on a nice promo with that m.2 support too.


sorry for the late post, I have been in the hospital... im ok lol.. but anyway the motherboard will do you fine.