13.10 beta drivers

 Well I went with the 13.10 beta and followed this uninstall guide and installed the beta and I got an error saying "Application Install: install package failure! " But the install log doesn't say anything about it other then it happened. Any thoughts as to why? 

Also on the c drive (same location as program files folders) there is an AMD folder that looks like its saving old versions of the drivers. It also has a folder called amdkmpfd and support, is this entire AMD file safe to delete?

Delete them, those are the folders the web-installer uses to unpack the files from the compressed web downloaded file folder

Never use driver sweeper or Control Panel - on amd Catalyst drivers it dosent remove it corretly use the AMD Catalyst Un-install tool.

Here http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/Pages/catalyst-uninstall-utility.aspx

Dont take advise from Alienware/dell noob's 

well i just downloaded 13.10 beta and just let the install, update the previous 13.4 driver. i dont have any troubles.

My frame rates are shit on every game,  I'll delete those files but im thinking like every amd release i have experienced that i have to reinstall windows to get the update working properly.  

Are you trying to install when in safe mode? When I tried, I couldn't... Maybe that's the issue?

No safe mode, I re-installed 13.10 and didn't get any errors but GTA 4 is crashing now and most games seem to have micro stuttering (even though 'm using 1 gpu). I will try to properly uninstall it and give it another shot thanks guys. 

I had no problems with 13 10 beta single gpu and it smoothed up my frame rates. Only thing i could think of is making should you start at stock setting and and slowly bounce then up. Sometimes it helps turn your settings up. Discover that with my 7870. It had little buggy issues til i turned the settings up.


I used the uninstall utility, what a life saver. But when I installed the beta I got a warning saying the driver wasn't signed but it looks like everything was successful in the log. Hopefully all is well, thank you.

As with all gpus when all else fails go back to the drivers you know works. Betas are always crapshoot . Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you dont .