12900KS or TR 3945 for home WS?

So I’ve just been told by work that I can either keep my current Thinkstation P620 with a TR PRO 3945WX for home use but no longer being eligible for a free upgrade to the new 5000WX chips that are coming with the new p620s at work or hand it in and be eligible to get one when they come out, now I’m debating on giving back the Thinkstation and just getting a 12900KS for home use and use the new p620s at work as then I could separate work from my personal life, both have pros and cons such as TR having ALOT more PCIE lanes and memory bandwidth (what I can use up sometimes) where as 12900KS has great gaming perf/Workstation(what I like to do with friends on the weekends) still has enough PCIE lanes for some of my stuff although would have to lose 2 of my 4x4 NVME RAID cards.

the software I use a lot is

  • Infraworks 2021 - 2023
  • Paraview
  • OpenFOAM

curious to see what you guys think I should go with, I’m kinda stuck and both sound great to me.