120Hz+ gaming setup. Assistance required

Alright, I've decided that with my next build, I'm going to go for a more heavy duty display setup. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want nVidia or AMD for graphics, and that boils down to feature preference.

What I need assistance with for now is this: If I want 1080p+ gaming per monitor at 120Hz+, what interface do I need to look for? I'm having difficulty finding this info(probably my fault).
HDMI? DVI? DP? Which one will be better for multi monitor 1080p+ 120Hz+ monitor setups? I intend at least three monitors.

Thanks in advance for any assistance and input y'all can provide.

If you decide to go with AMD, you'll probably have to use display port with a hub. Most 120hz monitors use either DVI or display port for the needed bandwidth. I use AMD cards but I don't use eyefinity anymore. I had 4 1080p 60hz displays, 3 in eyefinity with an accessory monitor mounted above, running off 2 R9 290's. To get it to work, I had to use a hub for the 3 eyefinity displays with display port to DVI adapters, then a straight DVI to the 4 monitor.

I had the same setup with 3 GTX 670's and didn't have to buy a single adapter. I just used the DVI connections. Eyefinity only works if you connect all the monitors into the same card, but nVidia surround doesn't care what card it's plugged into as long as you are using all digital outputs. I would suggest going to both websites and looking up the configuration guidelines for multiple displays to help you find the config you would like to use. Personally, I gave up multi-monitor gaming in favor of higher pixel density and refresh rate. My next monitor will be a 34" 21:9 1440p with adaptive sync as soon as one hits the market with the refresh rate I want.

That's actually really useful information. It only helps lead me further to nVidia this time around, being able to run monitors directly from the GPUs.

Now, the thing I'm really having trouble with is HDMI vs DVI vs DP. I'm having trouble finding a refresh rate limit for those. Do you have any input or links on that?

The card I'm looking at has 1 HDMI 2.0, 3 Display Port 1.2, and 1 Dual-Link DVI-I and SLI 2-Way support.

Heh, DP. But just play it safe and go with Display port.

DP for sure

Stick with display port when possible. You can get the same functionality from dvi dual, in terms of refresh rate, but most graphics cards tend to have greater displayport outputs then dvi these days. Dvi is kind of a dying standard.

Thank you all.

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