120fps at 1440?!?

Trying to get as close as I can to running 120fps on my over clocked ips display at 1440p any ideas on video card or video cards I should get to try and accomplish this? Without n spending 2000


Quick question: What model of 1440p monitor do you have? Is it a YC 2B or an Overlord? I'm pretty interested in an overclocked 1440 display

nope. not possible currently. all 1440p montiros are IPS. only TN panels can do 120hz and 120fps....

Yamakasi 1440p panels can hit 80-90hZ pretty commonly. 120hZ in't impossible, just not too common. Still, to drive 1440p at 120 FPS, that's a nother story. For under $2000, I would look into triple 7970 Lightnings (MSI). Or, go straight up quad 7950s or quad 7970s. Scaling is pretty bad at 4-way, though. Stick to 3-way CF.

I know of some models of IPS display that are overclocked to 120hz. They are custom jobs. Check out 120hz.net, the Overlord, and the Yamakasi Catleap 2B. I'm just wondering which of these (or any other) "balls" might be using.

It's an Overlord OC model

It is possible, it is ips and it is 120 hz...do some research and you will be surprised what you find

I thought of either a single 7990 or dual 7970's but then I heard that ati cards don't deal with micro stutter very well so for that I was going demagogue with dual 6980's, I n would love to see how a triple 7950 set up benchmarks...also I may just wait for the 8000 series cards hopefully in November in time for Black Friday so my new build can be built.

We won't be getting any 8000 cause they're a rebrand of the 7000 made for OEMs. Just wait for Volcanic Islands to come in around Q4

Any links talking about the volcanic gpu's? I feel Black Friday is pretty much q4 so there should be confirmed specs around then.

Yeah it's an Overlord, which is a much better product than the catleap (A to A+ Panels, shipped from a U.S. warehouse, for 2-300 dollars less with great American tech support) versus the catleap with terrible tech support A- panels for 800 to 1000 dollars.....choice should be obvious.

I do feel you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, I am outside the US. I'm probabl going to pick up the ASUS pb278q. 60hz is fine for me. I will probably only have a single card setup, maybe the 780, if it emerges.

You do get what you pay for and Asus makes great monitors however the catleap monitors price is not indicative of its quality so much as a greedy eBay seller trying to get more money out of the American market. The price literally fluctuates daily.

I think the main thing to take away is that the Korean models do use a lower quality of panel. Sometimes the colours might not be calibrated, or they do not show the BIOS on start up. I'd rather get piece of mind, and I think the ASUS is cheap in comparison to the equivalent Dell. How much did the Overlord set you back (cost)? I always see there flagship model out of stock. No idea if they ship internationally.

I Believe they do ship internationally the problem with it is the import fees outside of the U.S. Depend on your countries tax system some are outlandish others not so much.  purchase asked a cable upgrade with mine and it set me back around $600 without the cablue your looking at high $500 end.  I see it says sold out now but I believe there are plenty in stock the best way to find out is to email scribby the owner he will respond shortly to let you know if your good to order.

Budget permitting I would pay all the fees to get one. I just can't afford the risk customs charges, my budget is not as large as I want it to be. Customs always open my packages, I believe I am blacklisted in someway. They always suspect me of smuggling and then charge me additional delivery fees for opening my packages -_-

maybe overclocked, but it isn't supposed to be possible

asus is pretty good anyways.... they have very good monitors