$1200 gaming PC build, give me opinions. Should i build this?

Heres the build : http://pcpartpicker.com/p/HOkk

This computer will be for gaming only maybe with some recording and light editing.

This will be my first gaming PC and i want it to last as long as possible with little to no upgrading needed.i will proably get 8gb more ram just so i dont have to get more later.

Any case suggestions i just use that one because its simple and only $50

Please leave opinions and if any suggestions about this build and does anyone know good thermal paste i can use and good case fans i could use? Thats why i made the budget $1200 for upgrades like more ram,thermal paste and if any some good case fans.

This fills your budget to it's fullest, with Price/Performance parts.



Your build is still really nice though :)

If you're gaming at 1080, i'd do this


I think this is a solid build:


I agree with Overlander's build except, I think for 20 Dollars more, you should go with the ASROCK 990 Extreme3

I vote Oxy's build, except witth maybe a Corsair 300r, NZXT Tempist Elite, something like that instead. 

Take one of the quiet fan kits off, and get a better PSU.

Given that the performance fans'll be used for the cooler.

Thank you oxy but do you have any other case recommendations just for some reason i dont like having usb and stuff on top but thanks for the build it seems like im going to go with this is i do build my own.