$1200 Gaming/Editing PC

I made a build on here recently about wanting to make my dream pc, and had a $3000 price point set. Well, I decided to get real with myself and realize that I couldn't do that, and that this is more practical. These parts will allow me to upgrade to make that dream pc as I go: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1eCkQ

Obviously, as you can see, I have a green color scheme going on, and I figured I would get razer to match my razer kraken pro headset I am getting. Is this good? Uses are gaming, video editing (not extreme), internet browsing, exc. 

Haha, you should fix that link. Umm... Ok. So you want to get dual channel memory. 16gb or 8gb. You choose. You should get an all black full modular and maybe some sleeved cables. And a better cpu. A nicer looking, cheaper msi board with the same features could be had for around $130. Also, you should invest in some sort of cpu cooler, and maybe some nice green led fans, or maybe some af/sp fans from corsair and color the rings green.

WELP: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1eCkQ Here is what the original build was going to be. I won't need sli or any other expansion, so I didn't worry about it.

i looked at your build and you did not select a case?

for editing and gaming i made this by the way: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1eD8G

i would go with mistery angels build. with amd i think you would get more bang for your buck. also after you build it post some pics!

MisteryAngel usually knows what she is talking about. :)  The only thing I noticed in her build was the memory.  I'm not too familar with editing, but I think 16gb is a good amount and she only selected 8gb.  Again, not sure.

The case is was under the custom section. I wanted to get the vivid green prodigy but they didn't have it so it had to go under the custom parts. In MysteryAngel's build it still has it at the bottom along with the 410 :P

Spread the Lepa G650 love.

It will be awhile, maybe a couple months, before I should be finished, but I will be sure to send some your way!

Should I go with the mini-itx build or the 410 build? I kind of liked the look of the lime green on the prodigy!

I think you might be able to upgrade to a 3570k or 2500k and get a z77 mobo, and also I think you should definitley go with the phantom 410, the phantom series is absolutley amazing and flashy, and also they have a black and green full tower version for like 20 bucks more.

That Phantom is just too glossy and finger print attractive-ness :P