120 gb ssd + 2tb hdd

Since I will get a 2TB HDD and q 120GB SSD, which one do I use for what. I understand that you should install Windows 7 on the SSD because it is much faster for booting however, should I put my games on the SSD as well so they load faster? And also my music, etc.


  • OS
  • most used software


  • all media
  • downloads
  • rarely used software
  • games


Google is also your friend. Good luck!

I have the same setup, throw all media and large files ect... on the HDD and programs/Maybe some of your most used/longest to laod games on the SSD (i have BF3, Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 On my SSD)

Make sure all your photographs go on your HDD. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words but a thousand words take up a lot less space.

It's kinda said already but only put the OS plus software that you often use and take up a lot loading/reading/writing from the drive. For example most Adobe programs and 3d/rendering software runs quite a lot faster from a SSD. For games I suggest that you only put on games that have annoying loading times or when it improves your overall gameplay when the loading time would decrease.

A good move after installing is to change your standard images/videos/documents folders target to a destination on your HDD. I find this a nice way to keep the file organising kinda 'original'. You might even want to make 2 (or more) different partitions for installs and files to simplify the way you organise your stuff.