1155 mainboard that has 3 GPU slots

Hi everyone

I'm looking for a new main-board. I have a i7 2600 that I'm still going to use but my current main-board (P8H67-M PRO) has only 2 PCI express x16 2.0, no PCi express x1 and no USB 3.0 header so I got a USB 3.0 header-card some time ago and solved that problem by putting it in the PCI express x16 slot beside my GPU. Now all slots are full and I got a very cheap R9 280x I want to put in beside my 770 as it has got 1 GB more Vram that is great for Skyrim.

I need a new main-board with at least 3 PCI express x16 slots and some more PCi express x1 slots so that I have cleared this problem for once and for all. What are the best options under 120$. I don't care for Ram speed as I'm using my 1333 MHZ ram anyway. CPU socket is given too.1155  and I prefer ASUS as I already have one.




here ya go.... but your profile says that you are in Switzerland but you said $ instead of euros so idk......


You don't even want to run cross manufacturer graphics. Besides having serious performance issues getting it too work is a royal pain in the ass.

Do not expect an AMD and an Nvidia card to work in one system.


Keep the better performing one ( 280x ) , and sell the 770 .

With the extra cash buy yourself an ssd or something tasty like that instead of wasting it ;)


I'm not going to do that, as I have a 4-6 screen setup and I have got the 770 new just a half a year ago and the 280x is 2. hand, so I don't want to sell a card that I'm 100% sure it will work, as I don't know how long and how well cooled the 280x was used. It is already making noise. It's just the Fans scratching the coolblock but I don't want to risk buying a new card after the 280x dies.


Whoah , fix that problem !

If something sounds like it shoudn't , then fix it .

Sell the 280x ?

You get MUTCH better fps with 2 identical cards , and since you can't even use the 770 for physX ...

Why can't I use the 770 as a physx card?

be aware that if run 3 GPUs two of them are gooing to run at x4 and one at x8 on the 1155 platform, so that will drastically reduce the preformance