1150 vs 1155


Hey guys so I'm currently building a mini-itx system for my brother (He wants to LAN so he needs the portability). He will be using the pc for gaming almost exclusively. What I'm wondering is if their is much difference between the two sockets (1150 vs. 1155)? Are their any notable advantages between the two? If their isn't then I'll just get which ever one is cheaper. Thanks so much in advance.


Also if someone could suggest a good mobo that would be great. Right now I'm looking at Asus motherboards only but if someone knows a really good one that would be great. 

I find that they are very similar in price. Sometimes 1150 CPUs will be more expensive, but then they come with cheaper and more up-to-date motherboards.

There's no real advantage between one or the other. Both good for gaming. I would go with 1150, just because it packs in a few additional features and clock for clock it is a little faster than Ivybridge 1155.

1150 does run a little hotter than 1155 when they are both overclocked. At stock clocks they have very similar temps.

yeah i would also go with 1150, because i would personaly not invest anymore in a dead socket. This maybe look a bit silly, but things on socket 1155 will get out of stock soon. next to that, the price diffrence between the cpu´s are not realy much. but on 1150 you have more motherboard choices, like Berserker allready said.

Alright thanks so much guys!