10gbps ISP Help Needed

So just got 10gbps fiber at my house. They also do not provied a router switch or anything just the fiber from the wall and well thats it. Now what? I am not sure where to go from here. I can’t just walk in to walmart and pick up a netgear 10gb fiber router. And PFSense can’t fully take advantage of 10gbps from what I understand even if the hardware can.

What isp just stops at a glass fiber ?

There is no network termination ?

There would be, ISP communication between the house and the exchange is generally a guarded secret and must use their hardware as a termination licensed to you in their plan.

Sticking any router capable of working with fibre should work for at least gigabit speeds (Most people don’t need higher than 100mb)
The only real hardware out there for 10gb is server racks designed for it. Quick search shows there is a single router with a 10gbe port but it’s only for 10gbe NAS devices.

I think OP just needs to drop down to 1gb unless he’s willing to invest into a custom build and do some real research.

It depends what you bought. It’s certainly possible to buy a fibre connection with no terminating equipment, but it’s very unlikely you ever would or would have the money to do so.

It’s also very possible they did provide the termination equipment and he’s getting a fiber off the other side of it.

@DeltaTech maybe it depends on the country? Equipment and technology used is well known here. Just configuration isn’t widely known.

I kind of agree with the other replies. You don’t know how to set this up? Why did you buy it? I can’t think of anything you’d need that kind of connection for in a home.

Only reason why I mention the equipment is due to how it’s done locally here. My fibre line is capable of up to 10gb over fibre. Only thing that needs to change is the internal configuration and the box that the fibre ends at. The probability is you could plug a 10gbe capable device directly into the active port provided by the ISP assuming the most likely situation and after a few minutes, Windows will automatically configure to work assuming the connection is live.

Here, fibre is provided by a single entity to all properties in the city, different cities have different providers but practically the same setup, just different hardware. ISP’s buy wholesale data and speed and you buy through your chosen ISP. I have 1gb down, 500 up. I was happy with 200 symmetrical and that’s with servers running 24/7. The only real benefit I see from having gigabit over 200 symmetrical was some software like steam and unreal download faster than 200mb down. The best I have seen is 112MB/s (just under 900mb/s) and that was for Overwatch. And in that case, it’s really not worth saving 15 minutes to download a game for significant cost. Sure it’s nice downloading a game in less than 2 minutes but hardly worth it.

Only reason why I keep gigabit is it’s $10 more than the next plan for 10 times the speed and 100mbit for the three people using it just isn’t enough along side my servers.

But even if you account for servers and say a high speed nas that you use outside of the network, what do you get from it? Chances are you will be on wifi outside of the network so won’t see the benefit of gb, let alone 10gb.

I would upgrade my internal network for 10gb for NAS storage before even thinking about questioning 10gb fibre connection being an option, and it’s available where I am for an extra $40 a month.


When you put a network card in a machine that needs 16 lanes. You better be good with google :slight_smile:

Considering all the store bought routers are getting pwned…I 10gbps is just asking to get owned :slight_smile:

GO into a store and ask when was the last firmware patch posted ? Can I see its change log ?

So here is their site. Also my job is paying for most of it otherwise I could not justify the price :stuck_out_tongue: That’s about all I know. I do have 2 sfp+ cards for my computers which my neighbor gave me. Just don’t have anything to plug in to them.


Also to the people asking why Its basically free since my job is paying for it. They are also giving me a one time 3k Check for networking gear. Also I love to learn even if I screw up a few times in the process.

Ubiquiti has UniFi and Edge variants of an SFP+ router.

When you say

Do you mean bare fiber, or any type of connector?

it is just a fiber port in the wall wife said they might have some kind of box in the basement when I get back ill have to check.

They have a “switch” as the network terminating equipment. it says on the site you linked, the site also says what fibre you need to use.

In order to connect to the UTOPIA Fiber network, you will need to provide the following:

  • An OM3 or OM4 grade Multimode Duplex LC Jumper to connect between your equipment and our switch.
    • An OM3/4 cable will typically have an aqua colored jacket.
    • This can be purchased from: https://www.fs.com/products/41736.html
    • OM1 grade jumpers can’t be used for the connection. OM1 jumpers typically have an orange colored jacket.
  • You will need to supply a 10GBase-SR optic for your equipment.
  • 10GBASE-T connections are not available for this product.
  • A switch/router capable of accepting a 10G connection.
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Yeah didn’t catch that… It says at the bottom it also needs a switch/router do you have any recommendations?


Unifi https://unifi-xg.ubnt.com/usg-xg-8

EdgeMax https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgerouter-infinity/


Unifi https://www.ubnt.com/unifi-switching/unifi-switch-16-xg/

EdgeMax https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgeswitch-16-xg/

They also happen to mention Mikrotik CCR routers some of which happen to have 10G ports.

It may sound ghetto, but you could totally just grab a ryzen 3 and a decent PCIe SFP+ card from eBay for < $50 and whatever is the cheapest 10Gbase-sr SFP+ adapter from fs.com … and you’d actually have a relatively nice and lean and mean 10Gbps capable router assuming you’d be willing to run Linux on it.

10Gb to the home, awesome! You win the bandwidth war for the forum, my friend.

Anyway, yeah, buy a SFP-capable 10Gbe router.

What the hell are you doing with 10Gbps? lol