10gb LAN

I have 1000gb fiber optic internet and have a question. Should I look into a 10gb lan port on a motherboard? Would it increase my speeds?

You have terabit internet?

You may need to re word this as I assume you mean you have a 1/Gbps internet connection and are looking into 10/Gbps networking?

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A 10gb LAN will increase your speeds, on your LAN. It will not increase you WAN (internet) speed.

With 1gbps internet, make sure to get a modem and router that are capable of handling those speeds. If you are using the ISP devices, run a speed test to make sure they are up to the task.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: LAN speeds will only increae if all of your other devices tou want high speed to are 10 gbps.

Good catch, didnt see that. I assumed OP meant 1 gbps, not 1000. If they have 10gbps internet, I am extremely jealous!

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yes, sorry… i was half asleep when i asked the question. 100M up and 10M down. do i get the full speed i’m paying for with standard motherboard lan connections?