10g ethernet card in Windows reporting different link speeds in different areas?

Hi All,

I just installed a ASUS xg-c100c 10g card in my windows box. I am confused as to why in one area it shows its connected at 5000/5000

Example from Network & Internet > Ethernet

Then in this other area, which is under Network & Internet > Advanced network settings it shows the link speed as 705 (Mpbs)

Why are these two places reporting two different link speeds? Thanks in advance!


oh god…
your right…

got older model of asus and i get

while my onboard show

while not connected


some windws 10/11 feature or real speed?

its weird…

testing i copy i file to my nas and mbps does change… i transfer at 4000mbs…

now i am curious af…!

any body know?

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FYI I did a external speed test, and hit pretty good speeds and the link speed never changed… I’ll be able to do more testing once I toss the 10g card in the NAS, hopefully this weekend.


At a guess I think it can’t maintain a 10gig link so it’s throttling down to 5gig as the Nbase-t spec allows, what is the spec and length of cable ?

Check if any power saving features are enabled in the driver properties. Windows might be slowing the 10 gig card when it’s idle and averaging the reported speeds.

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When I ran these lines many moons ago I think all they had was that fake spec cat 6e? I’m fine with 5gig but I have a few more things to try before I give up on 10gig. Its about a 45 foot run from my office to the wiring closet.