1080TI worth it?

So I Currently have SLI 1070 FTW. Rocking performance for what I paid for it, I'm looking to go back to one card with about the same preformace looks like the TI is close to the SLI. So at this point, you think Vega will be about the same? (English is not my first language sorry )

I would say that Vega will be close to 1080ti. If you want to try to support AMD. I would say to wait. But if you don't really care about alliances, and you really want that extra performance, go for it.

However, you don't really lose anything if you wait on Vega.

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what resolution and max fps? unless you are 144hz 1440p and want to hit 144 everywhere in every game or 60hz 4k and want 60fps on max settings in every game you should be fine. most games you'll hit a steady 60 anyways with sli 1070's, and only poorly sli optimized games will that be a problem like in hitman.

I am starting to believe the time for multiple cards is dying, slowly but surely. Expetion is doing the GPU pass thru, but that is another thing. To me SLI is like having a crazy friend, 70% of the time its just pure frustration, the other 30 its a blast. Last I looked 1 or 2 games truely use SLI, the rest porely or not at all. YMMCV


I love that analogy!

I always wanted to try SLI and I did the buy one card now and get the 2nd one cheap on ebay when I need it later. It worked great! Except for those times when it didn't work at all. More realistically, in my case SLI worked 80% of the time and didn't work 20%. SLI was a successful experiment for me, because I learned it's limitations, and now I never have to try SLI again.

Of course the GTX 1080Ti is worth it, as long as...
#1 - you need it and...
#2 - you can afford it.

Based on what?

Seriously, I haven't seen any hard numbers on Vega performance.


No hard numbers, but I saw a leak not that long ago. And of course, basing decisions off of a rumour isn't suggested.

Either way, there is no penalty for waiting a bit longer to see what Vega can actually do. Unless the OP needs that bit of extra power right away, I say waiting to see what the competition brings is always a good idea.

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Hmm, been a few years since I tried SLI so my percents of working may be really off. But what killed it for me was how bloody often the AAA titles had little to no support, but then I really must be a sucker cause I got a Ultra-wide just to early adopt into something else. The good news is I step-up'd my 1080 FTW to a Ti which will be here Monday according to UPS.

Based on Nvidia's recent actions: a) the relatively huge performance gap between 1080 and 1080TI, b) the aggressive pricing of the 1080 and 1080TI and c) the new and improved Titan Redux, it would seem to me that Nvidia likely have some insider information, that is making them uncomfortable.

Based on this and this alone, my WAG (wild ass guess) would be that Vega will be impressive.

Dual Vega FTW.

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who knows ;}

Probably, we know absolutely NOTHING about Vega or upcoming architecture, so as it stands, its worth it if you want the fastest GPU around. Remember, never wait on tech, just buy what available at the moment (unless a new GPU is coming out THIS MONTH or whatever)

Sheeet did I just necro

I'm waiting on tech because I can.

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You're just saying that to spite me and laugh you silly brit

Nah man. I'm genuinely sitting on my GTX 670 and squeezing out every bit of life it has until it can go no further.


That's cause you only play PA

Sounds like me. I'm sitting on dual 560 Ti's (448 version) and they have served me well. However they are showing their age. I really want to replace them with two 1080 Ti's....but I also want to see what Vega will bring to the table. So I will wait.


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Dau waited a year before I added an R7 250 to her 7870K. She would kill for a 670:)