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1080ti lightning z


anybody know when will it gonna release on us online store? thanks


Eh. soon™-ish®

It's already available in german stores, so can't be long until it hits US stores. Probably just a matter of logistics and/or supply.

They just said "in july" when they announced it and july is almost over soooooo. There's that.

But one little thing: I don't want to talk you out of buying it, but the 1080Ti's when overclocked all pretty much clock and perform the same. It really just comes down to cooling. The Lightning Z is (similar to the Kingpin Editions) a card for extreme (read: LN2+) overclockers and really unnecessarily expensive for "regular" use. It's your business of course, just throwing that out there.


so what do you think is the best 1080 ti for me? i'm just a casual gamer.


If you're just casual (presumably also playing just casual games) don't get a 1080Ti. It's way overkill for casual gaming.


yeah like moba games,playersunknown,cod


Depends on the resolution you play in, but unless you play on 4K a 1080 or even 1070 is enough to play most casual games. Also depends on the framerate you want to hit though.