1080ti FE Fan/Heatsink Question

I know this thread is a bit old but i was wondering if you could offer some advice.

I am waiting for an RMA back on my 1080ti FE and due to stock levels etc all they have is one of the cut priced aftermarket blower coolers. I am guessing the PCB is reference on them but i am not sure.

Anyway to my point.

Is the fitting of the heatsink to the card on the version 3 of this cooler going to be permanent, if so does somone know of a way of fixing them that can be removed with acetone or IPA or something ?

But, i do have to space for the 4 so is that ok to go with ? Is the rear fitted heatsink backplate as effective as the on chip ones fo the 3 ?

Hi @andrewjoy to avoid necroing the other thread, I’ve created a separate topic for your question. Please modify the topic title as you see fit to provide the best description of your question.

I’m a little confused by what you mean by mounting the heatsink, do you mean the cooler? or the smaller heatsinks for the VRM/RAM? In the case of the GPU cooler it uses only thermal paste and then a system similar to a cpu cooler. For the smaller heatsinks, thermal adhesive is used, and I’ve presonally never removed them, however I would assume with some patience and gentle twisting they would likely come right off, especially if the card were still warm as in just taken out of the case.
The PCB on all FE cards is reference. FE=reference for nvidia.
The 4 differs from the 3 only in the cooling solution for the VRM afaik. The 4 uses a passive backplate, which cools through the pcb. The cooling should be adequate, but presents compatability issues with other potential setups in the future, effectively requires 4 slots, and in my opinion provides less cooling than the 3 for the VRM in particular. At that point I would go with a raijintek morpheus over a acx 4, and given that they are similar in price I would 10/10 opt for the 3 if I had the choice.
Hope this helps!!