1080p gaming on 4K monitor

So I’m getting apprehensive on waiting on AMD’s next card after vega, also my 43" 4k monitor would not be worthy of it anyhow (43UD79-B).

With blackfriday and cyberMonday almost here, I’m thinking of just getting a nice budget 1080p card. Anyone rocking a 4K monitor that they change scaling (in or out of the game I guess) to 1080p when gaming? Any shortfalls? Thinking of getting an rx-580 or rx-590 to use on my Win10 i7-4790 PC, run 1080p with the 43UD79-B monitor (freesync but 60hz refresh rate).

I use a GTX1080 with a 40" 4K monitor.

1080p works just fine, the only drawback is that with such a large screen, you can ‘see’ some of the pixels, but good anti aliasing goes a long way. The only resolution that can look weird is 1440p, it isnt a multiple of 1080p so some text can look a bit off, and the clarity is not as good.
Display scaling in Win10 is mostly ok, at 43" you’d be at about 150% for readable text. You may need to disable scaling on a per program basis for some stuff.


Thanks @Kocytean, now to decide on GPU. Now that I’m not waiting for something that firmly puts me safely into 4k, the options are huge. I want to stick with AMD due to freesync, the rx590 reviews are actually not that good. It’s hard to not go 1070/1070ti- is freesync really worth it?

Look around for Vega56. Here in Germany some of those go for less than 400,- Euro these days.

I’ve seen a little on vega- I guess undervoltage is a good mod? Where would an undervoltage 56 stack against a 590 in performance and power draw?

I don’t know for sure. Is powerdraw a big concern? Then I would say go 570.

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Not a big concern, just a curiosity.

Just glancing around, vega56 is about double the price of 580s, hope black friday or cyber monday corrects the price for the performance ratio.

There’s plenty of deals for the RX 580’s right now. They run $200 USD with the three free games.

Personally, I would avoid Black Friday/Cyber monday deals because I find them to be a scam. If you wait a little longer, you’ll find better deals in January after the holidays.

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Hard one to answer - I dont even use vsync and I dont have any problems. I dont play competitive online games or twitch based shooters though.

There’s a backlight alignment issue with that monitor that is pretty obvious when you look at the bezel. That personally killed it’s value proposition for me.

For Twitch streaming, when I’m doing dual system, I can’t stream in 4K so I use Nvidia DSR to render in 4K but downscale to 1080p for Twitch.

With no DSR in play though, RX 590 with a lower MSRP is what I’d pick. It outperforms the GTX 1060 6GB.

$400 good for a blower style vega64?