1080p 144Hz - What's the ideal GPU?

First off I wanted to buy a 980Ti however, the cheaper 980 seems to "only" have 10fps less for 100€/$ less in price...

The card should look good in a white case, although, more important, it should be a silent (not loud) card too.

What would you guys recommend?

i can highly recommend the MSI 980 but if you want it to look good in a white case maybe one of the EVGA cards or the ASUS? performance will obviously depend on the types of games you are playing but the 980 handles most things at 1080 just fine.

Did you already buy the display? As an R9 Nano would save you some cash with a free-sync display Vs a G-sync one.

I would like to play at 144Hz or 144fps on 1080p.

Performance wise I am playing ArmA 3 and Battlefield.

On the 980Ti side of things I love the design of the Zotac Omega one... sadly there isn't a 980 with that design.

I don't think anything is going to run ARMA 3 at 144fps

I bought the display 6 months ago, I can't change it now and to be honest, I really like my setup as it is - I just need a GPU that can drive 144 FPS with the best Price/Performance ratio :)

Dont bench ArmA in Muliplayer.
I got over 70fps with my 2x GTX680 I sold by now...

Well, can't really go wrong with much in the high end aside from getting something in the super high end as the performance per dollar really drops off, but you'd save money down the line then with the Nano. Nvidia cards tend to do better at 1080p as AMD cards scale better with higher resolutions for now, although the other downside with nvidia is that they seem to hate freedom.

Best price:performance would be either the 390 or the Fury (non-X). Find some benchmarks of the games that you play and see which one performs closer to what you are wanting. I am guessing that a Fury would be the way to go for you.

EDIT: Alternatively, you could also wait for Polaris around August. Should be a pretty sizable jump in performance.

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I would say grab the 980ti. A 980 would do fine but atleast the 980ti would last a bit longer in terms of "future proof". I would stick to nvidia. I just had a little stint going from my 980ti to a furyX and now I'm back to the 980ti. AMD just isn't worth it right now.

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With google image seach it took me about 2 minutes to find a white 980 with red accents by asus, a 980 by galax, which seems to not be selling anymore and a 980 by PNY. It's pretty easy to cut it down to only a few options if you insist on the white design, read some reviews for those cards.

Design is not number one priority, I know the benchmarks of this cards.

My intention of posting this thread was to get the community's feedback on what's the best 1080p 144hz GPU with Price/Performance and Noise in mind. Design comes after functionality and performance.

I have a sapphire r9 390, its not dead silent but absolutely reasonable, I ran Just Cause 3 at an average of like 70 fps with dips to the 30s in towns, probably my cpu bottlenecking with all the AI. I can recommend this card but since money is a thing for me I don't have a comparsion to its competition.