1080 teardown and Hybrid Mod [ New Follow up video]

No part 3 yet with benchmarks


Its stock cooler is quite interesting, I've seen HardwareCanucks hit 2+ghz with stock cooler and reasonable temps, but some don't and hit 80+ degrees Celsius while they're at it. Perhaps ambient temps should be included in the graphs as a standard, they already do it for CPU benchmarks I don't see the trouble for GPUs.

I still can't believe they gimped the VRMs so much before launch.

That inspired me to order another EVGA hybrid AIO unit as they are very scarce where I live. I may skip the 1080 and wait for the big Pascal/Polaris releases but I'd rather have one to hand as a spare for my 980 Ti or as a possible upgrade.

Part 3 is up, it mostly just helped to sustain the clock speeds

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Gives the resellers more scope to differentiate their products.

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Whats the Max load of a 8pin connector anyway? are we gonna need a dual 8pin to see real good overclock?

Looks that way, as soon as the AIB partners get their hands on this GPU I think we could be seeing some really high numbers.

225 ish w along with the pci-e slot.

That is what it is made to handle at least, if manufacturers use thicker wiring it can handle more.
I think it uses 18awg standard, and most psu suppliers provide 16awg I think.

I have been wanting to make a custom 14awg 8 pin GPU and CPU power cables for a while, muh voltage drop.

wow the fluctiation is so bad in the founders 1080 it would litterally put it below a 980ti in long gaming sessions.


13A times 12V gives you 156W over 6 pins.
156W divide by 3 (number of contact pairs) is 52W
52W times 4 (to get to an 8pin) gives you 208W

So 208W + 75W = 283W total

Not sure where the + 75w comes from. Anyway, just wondering if a double 8pin card would be needed or not. Sounds like there was some power supply issues with some of them.

The PCIE slot itself will supply 75 watts in addition to the auxiliary pcie power cable(s). Frankly the card has a 180 watt tdp so according to @CrossCarbon's calculations, it should have ample headroom if the powersupply is a quality unit. Its the heat that's getting this card, not the power. Custom coolers to the rescue!

Imagine if someone put the internals of a 980ti Hydrocopper on a 1080. Guess if they get higher clocks.
Answer: Only if they clock down the memory to free up extra power. It is the single 8 pin.


Do not look at the specs used, look at what the official specs are.

pci-e bus by itself = 75W
pci-e 6 pin = 75w
Pci-e 8 pin = 150w

There is another 8 pin connector for CPU power, I don't know what it is rated at though.

Going above the specs is okay as long as the cables are thick enough to handle the current without excessive voltage drop and heat.
I wouldn't bat a eye if someone were to pull 300w with only 1 8 pin connector on a modern power supply.


You are in for the spec game? Here we go:

Voltage wise consult "5.0 Ratings, sub point 5.1 and 5.2"
Current wise consult "5.0 Ratings, sub point 5,6, Table 2 WIRE-TO-BOARD, Dual Row Circuit Sizes, Column labeld 2, first line.

Regardless of the cards actual potential power draw, it's not drawing enough or its not drawing it efficiently enough for overclocking.

Part 4

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