1070 vs 1080 if one or another which is the best card?

SO I really need a full on discussion about the pros and cons of the 1070 vs 1080 etc. Obviously the higher the number the faster and better but I am not a heavy gamer past 1080p. I dont use any fancy display features. I do not push more then 60 hz…

Price wise which is a better bargain.

(all RX amd cards are out of the question at this point)

RGB is a bonus… my budget is 500 or less. given that i am seeing 1080s for 459 which is ridic…

I just dont know what to choose. I feel the 1070 is a better card for the money especially for my use case

@Fouquin i could use you in this discussion haha your opinion is rather valued

Relevant computer case information : Corsair 570x tempered glass case (white newegg exclusive)

Honestly the case is fucking gorgeous… one problem It cant push enough heat out to keep up with alot of cards that just spew hot air in the case… that is why I am hoping for card options that minimize this

if you found a sweet and legit deal please share it!

Gtx 1060 6GB if you can find one in stock, 1080 or 1070 would be MASSIVE overkill.

Why? A RX 580 would a great fit in this use case (if you can find one in stock at a reasonable price)

If you can get an EVGA 1080 for under $500, I would go for it. IIRC their warranty transfers over and the customer service is great.

Also the higher end EVGA 1080’s look sexy. Don’t get the cheaper EVGA 1080 as the heatsink is deceptive. It looks like it has vents all over it but they’re really just stickers. The more expensive one actually has vents all over it through which RGB light shines (specifically this one https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GeForce-Support-Graphics-08G-P4-6173-KR/dp/B01GX5YWAO/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1501380224&sr=1-3&keywords=gtx+1080&refinements=p_89%3AEVGA Those little black “grills” are actually stickers)

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Honestly true but I want room to expand and longevity LOL the 1070 will remain viable for longer

Hence the connundrum

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I mean to be fair nearly all GeForce cards are too. Those that aren’t are also way over priced. 1070s are as much as 1080s almost…

It’s honestly not a good time to buy a GPU right now. Wait if you can.

A 580 seems a good choice. A 1070 if you want a bit more performance. 1080 is prob not necessary but if it is a tad more then the 1070 cus derp pricing right now than go for it

Their hybrid card is even sexier because it wont vent hot air into my case… Psst is it possible to obtain a h105 am4 mounting bracket?

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No idea.

Have you considered that AIO that comes with a GPU block? It fit’s all 10XX series cards.

No idea if it fits AM4

I actually just bought an EVGA Hybrid 1080 for my wife a few weeks ago.

It’s a great card. Would recommend.

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thats why I am so tempted to just chuck the money out for it… It would be so far beyond my original intent of an rx 580… Why is it such a shitty time for gpu buying? Ive never seen shit so skewed

Because the prices and stock are fucked because miners buying all the cards?

Also yes contact Corsair and they will send you an AM4 Bracket. If you have an Asus Crosshair you can use the AM3 bracket as well because it supports both.

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Due to the market strangeness lately the GTX 1070 and 1080 can be had roughly at the same price just go for a 1080 from eBay for like maybe if you’re lucky 4:30

@DerKrieger My wallets boner is so hard for this but my brain read the owner saying NO RETURNS!! and now I am very suspicious

That’s the exact card I bought.

Although $550 is $20 more than I paid for mine and mine was brand new on Amazon

So I’d pass on it.

But don’t worry about the no returns thing. It is meaningless. If you want your money back you’ll get it. eBay never sides with the seller.

Also chances are EVGA will just give you a new card.

They gave me a brand new GTX 660 FTW even though there was nothing wrong with the one I sent in (turned out to be a PSU issue)

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Get money back from eBay. Keep card. Send to EVGA and get a new one anyway. Profit.


Damn I wanna find this card for a lower price then

Just keep looking. When they first get back in stock they are normal price

GTX1080 Strix?

patience is a virtue huh… Well ill wait another two weeks and watch how things go… Just because honestly Ill have a massive overtime bonus check then and I can be far less worried about price xD thanks for all the help guys… 1080 as long as 1070 is same price is more worth it… RX 580 is the best option if the cryptofuckers would lay off a bit

also I dont mind used cards… if they are treated right usually they are really solid

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It fucking pisses me off I cant just get my 229 scrappy wonder of a 580 (ALL amd baby haha)