1060 vs 480

No Man's Sky. One of the only games that has come out(or is coming out) recently that I'm excited about. Yeah I know its probably just a console port, but its kind of outside the box of most things right now.

Really don't need the hardware in either of these two cards under discussion but I don't buy hardware often so why not? Also there's the benefit of HDMI 2.0/DP1.4 and the reduced(kinda) power consumption vs. older discounted(not so much) hardware.

I would like a 4gb 480(no,really). There isn't a huge performance increase in the 8gb, as things are I expect to be CPU limited anyways. From what I can tell there aren't many 4gb versions coming from AIBs. Gigabyte is the only one I know of.

Yeah i notice that as well when looking in Alternate today . Although the GTX founders had similar high prices. Yet the 3rd party custom GTX were considerably cheaper. Maybe the AMD pricing on the custom 480s will follow a similar trend and be cheaper than the reference.

THe RX480 reference also sits arround the €280,- to €300+ price bracket.
The non reference cards will most likely be more expensive.
But the GTX1060 non reference cards go all the way to €400,-
If AMD RX480 custom cards are heading the same way,
then by all means they are not for budget gamers then.

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Oh, yeah. No Man's Sky looks amazing. I know about that game, I just could not figure NMS out...
(I just hope it comes for Linux too.)

6-10% should be easy enough for 3rd party 480s to close making things more of a wash. I suspect they will be a smarter buy but we will have to wait and see.

I really hope linux support happens myself. Their previous title, Joe Danger has a linux version so odds are good eventually.

I don't think its that obvious. From what I have read, the cards are very close to each other in most DX11 games (save for GTAV, ARMA3). In DX12 they seem be offering almost the same performance though.

May be AIB cards with better overclocking / thermals can makeup for the performance difference.

The 250-270$ price-point is really sweet for most people.

i think 4GB option for 480 is better value than 1060, no point of spending additional 50-70$ for same performance... those cards are unable to live up to full potential of 6-8GB anyway.

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Totally. I would like to see a 200$ 4G card with a better cooling solution though.

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The reasons I would take the Rx 480 over the GTX 1060
Hardware for Asyncronus compute.
Larger memory and larger memroy bus
Long term support for drivers from AMD
Does not have as much proprietary software like hairworks and other nvidia specific software.
Nvidia is not trying to make gaming better for all hardware you use, gameworks is just for Nvidia. AMD makes Mantel Mantel leads to DX 12 and Vulcan these are better for gaming as a whole, and work on both cards even Nvidia card get some improvement. And even if you have gameworks software running all cards take a fps hit Nvidia less Amd more.
The difference between the two card is not that great and when you look at the fps when they show the min fps the RX 480 from what i have seen scores better min frames and this equals a better game when the frames do not drop so low as to be distracting.
I have a GTX 560 this was purchased just to play eve online, my next card will be a AMD product, cuz I want to give my money to a company that is trying to make gaming better for everyone.


Well i have seen very significant diffrences in allot of DX11 games especialy at 1080p

Hmm, its mostly 5-10%. But I did notice some discrepancies across several benchmarks I have read/seen.

Interesting points. Apart from DOOM not may games support vulkan no?

Well, id-Tech 6 could become a pretty popular engine. Wouldn't be the first time for id.

i heard they will not be licensing it to anyone. (like in old times)

the performance in gameworks killing games is amazing on 480 the discard accelerator is da sht.

Even then, it is Bethesda now.... there you have a few games.

fk 'em. Hope they die cause of drm disease.

lol why? What did Bethesda do?

denuvo, drm, always-online-drm; killing off modding community with doom. Suing old doom-doom2 modding community.