1050 TI or RX 580 in PCIe Gen 2 x4 slot

I recently migrated from an X370 pre-built to a home built B450 system with a Ryzen 7 1700. In the old system, I had occasionally used a Windows VM with GPU passthrough to run some stubborn Windows games.

The old system supported PCIe Gen 3 x8 in the secondary slot, but the new board only supports Gen 2 x4. If I drop in a 1050 TI (or an RX 580) am I going to see a significant reduction in performance?

I think either would be bottlenecked.

At least here, the RX570 is much closer (cheaper) to the 1050ti than the RX580 is.
Unless you do not plan to get an X-series mainboard at some point in the future, I would get an RX560

@MazeFrame I already have both cards (1050 Ti & RX 580), so there’s no financial loss either way. If both are going to be bottlenecked to an equal level of performance, it seems I might as well use the 1050 Ti.

EDIT: If I remember correctly, the RX 580 has the VM reset bug, so the 1050 Ti probably is the best bet.

The RX580 has the reset bug, the 1050ti needs the workarround cause Nvidia.
Choose your poison.

Hmm, the Nvidia Code 43 error has a permanent one-time fix. The reset bug is more insidious, and I haven’t found a reliable workaround - other than never rebooting the VM.

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I’ve heard from a computer store i frequent, that the RX cards can have some funny driver quirks in windows when run in PCI 2.0 slots. Ranging from the driver not being able to install, to the driver working, but crashing the system, though infrequently.

If you have both cards anyway… just try it out? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Good call!

@noenken I finally got around to checking this out. Much to my astonishment, running a GTX 1050 Ti and an RX 580 at Gen2 x4 hardly makes a difference at all.

With the RX 580, I scored 13800 at Gen3 x16 and 13500 at G2 x4 in Fire Strike 1080p. The 1050 Ti also showed little difference (7350 vs 7400.)

Granted that’s just one benchmark, not even a real game. But it’s still very interesting that there’s so little difference. Now they’re trying to get us sold on Gen4…