1000 dollar gaming PC

So near the tail end of this year i will be building my first gaming PC. My current PC has 4 GB of memory and dual core CPU so i need an upgrade. I was wondering what suggestions you would have on the parts. I do not need peripherals, i will be running games like TF2, WOW, Counter Strike, lots of indies too. I will be using a 1080p monitor. ( also please include windows )
Here's what i am going to use as of now.
I will be using a AMD FX 6 Core 6300
Asus M5A97 as a motherboard,
8 GB of DDR3 RAM
For a GPU i have been looking and the AMD 285
For the case i will be using the Fractal Define R4
For storage i will be using a 2 TB WD Red Hardrive
Along with that i will load the OS onto a 60 GB Kingston SSD
Those are Some of the core components.
I will also be using a 750 watt psu

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Do you need just the tower components, or are you also looking for peripherals as well? If you just need components, then I would recommend you get a decent CPU and put most of your money into the GPU. For reference, take a look at the intel processing parts and the NVIDIA 900 series GPUs; however, I would like to stress that AMD is not a bad path for budget systems.

Are you sure you don't need peripherals? Because with those games you could easily get away with spending much less than a thousand dollars with an 860K+280 build.

Hang on I'm attempting to find something

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@Streetguru makes a valid point: an R9 280 would easily run all of those games at 1080p.

@enderborn Try building an AMD system. FX 6000-8000 series and an R9 280/285; that would run the games mentioned really well! To explain my recommendation, the FX 6 or 8 core processor gives you good performance for the price, and the GPUs are just so good for the range of demand you have. You could spend way less and run circles around the listed games--there is no need to spend more than necessary.

Alright dude I got this, here's what I suggest you do, You buy a mid range gaming PC, like $600 budget 860k/R9 280 for the hardware.

You take your extra money and put it towards a 32" 4k IPS display or a cheap 21:9 1440p like link related, cost is like 800 right now, cheaper if you find one used.


Mainly you could run the indie games at 4k probably as well as the others at lower settings. Then in the future you already have a sweet display to use newer more 4k capable hardware with.

But that's just my 2 cents, like with those games you really don't need a thousand dollar rig.

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