$1000 AMD Gaming PC



I had been playing arround in Pc part picker latley to make a build with a monitor mouse keyboard windows 7 and a fx8350 all under $1000.

im mostley posting this so that people could see a good amd build because alot of users here are asking for one SO YEAH

Should be able to max any game on that asus 1080p monitor 

id say get an 8320 and save some $$ and maybe put it into your graphics card or get an SSD instea dof an HDD, its easy to OC and 8320 to and 8350 and at max OC theyre both comparable.

Yeah but the 8320 is not unlocked and could lead to some issues when overclocking plus I put that hyper 212 evo in there for a reason it will easily get that 8350 up to 4.6

I would recommend saving up a bit more and getting this: http://pcpartpicker.com/ca/p/y9vU

I added a much better PSU, a SeaSonic - it is pretty much THE brand, a better GPU, a fantastic CPU cooler (I love mine), an SSD, plus some very low-profile and extremely overclockable RAM. Total, including Windows (which I don't recommend - get Linux), the monitor, and peripherals, it is just under $1400, making the computer itself $1107.01. These upgrades are not necessary, but if you can wait a month or so to save up the extra couple hundred, I would recommend it. Even your original build will be fantastic, but with the SSD, plus RAM that can reach 2400mHz easily, along with a CPU cooler that keeps my i7 3770k @4.6gHz around 30 degrees (35-40 after a lot of gaming), the upgrades are well worth it. TL;DR, not necessary upgrades, but at least get an SSD.



Brennan Riddell

"The processor has unlocked clock multiplier" -Cpuworld All FX cpu's are unlocked.



I have a thermaltake powersupply (this one) in my HTPC and that is always running it runs 247 and its been going for 2 years... 

Also the point of this thing was to keep it at $1000 or under 

I am just terrified of having a PSU blow, so I always used ones from a brand that I know. I tend to go excessive when setting up configurations - sorry about that. However, I would still recommend getting the 7950 or 7970, along with the rest of your build. Get an SSD later when you have a $100 saved up, or so. Best of luck to the OP and sorry for going over!



Brennan Riddell

No problems but if you read the discription of this post it states that this is just for guys who want to do this setup, I keep getting asked by people for a $1000 gaming system and this is what I could do. 

they are great reccomendations to someone who would like to build this pc but I was just throwing it out there :) 

well how about this http://pcpartpicker.com/ca/p/y9Ue

fx 8320 , 7950, 8gb ram, 500gb hd $990 after rebates

You forgot the mouse but with the rosewill I added before it would be $999.99