$1000-$2000 Workstation

This workstation will be doing video editing and vfx in adobe premiere pro and adobe after effects. I am currently working off of a macbook pro 15in and Im in need of an upgrade. I also want this system to be expandable in the future, so once I can get more money I  can add more to the system.

Any suggestions


http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pvgm23 I7 5820K, its a 6 core that you can overclock until it absolutely screams. 12 threads of fast rendering glory. Then enter the Gtx 980, incredibly fast and extremely efficient. You can with a good deal of comfort add a second in the future for 2 way sli beast mode. A 980 paired with the 5820k should absolutely tare threw any editing and rendering you have to do. If the 16gb's of ram I included isn't enough for you then I can step down the Cpu cooler, ssd size and move to a gold rated power supply to fit 32gb's of ddr4 glory.  

Yum.  +1

What do you think of this:


The two wd 1t drives will be ran in raid 1 for current projects.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/wcKLpg I'd go for this simply for the cheaper ram by $20 and really no reason to step up to the g skill kit at that price, I'm not a huge fan of the h100i because the pump is an added failure point and the noctua in my build runs slightly cooler, plus I prefer the seasonic power supply even though it has a slightly lower wattage. It's not like the wattage really matters that much between 660-760 because the Waxwell gpu architecture is so power efficient. And then to address the hard drives I don't really think its worth stepping up to caviar blacks. The performance difference is small and the gain of fitting the 512gb ssd that can store all of your programs is going to be much bigger.