$100 on steam

I've got $100 on steam, does anybody have any good recommendations?

I think I'm looking for some kind of single player RPG with a decent story. I'm open to anything, though.

Don't buy too much immediately. Winter sale shouldn't be "too far" off, then you can really get some bang for your buck.

Depends on what you mean for decent story... I wouldn't call these good story games, but I'm overly picky on story and dislike most video game stories. Singe Player RPG:

Skyrim, Dark Souls 1,2 (a bit niche), Divinity: Original Sin, Witcher 1,2, Bioshock Series? Borderlands Series. Mass Effect (have not played the series). Some of these are not your sword & magic RPGs. 


Those are some of the one's off the top of my head. Maybe dragon age Origins


I really would suggest you wait for the sale, maybe get one immediately and then go nut when the sale hits.

Sale starts on the 26th

Thanks for the suggestions, Kadesh. Totally forgot about the sale. I'll wait.