100% HDD usage on Startup

Hey , I have a problem when i start my PC and windows starts to load my desktop the usage of my HDD is at 100% for around 1 minute. After that everything is running normal. I have 2 HDD thats why on the screenshot you can see its at 50% usage but its on 100% for the HDD with my windows and programs (the second HDD is just for storage). From where do I get this load?

That is normal. On startup you have to load lots of things from the HDD. So it is gonna max it out.

Upgrade to an SSD and that way you won't have to worry and your boot times will be around 10 seconds.

Yeah hard drives don't have the speed to keep up with all the data being requested on startup. ssd's are fast enough to keep up with the data being requested which is why they are much faster. To help minimize your data being requested at startup go to task manager, then to the startup screen. From there you can disable programs that you don't want to startup when you turn on the computer.