$100 Gaming Keyboard?

I have been researching for about 1 week and the best I could find was a roccat isku - http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/ROCCAT-Isku/

Anything better? preferably able to change the colour of the back light


Thanks in advance!

Hmm, that keyboard has pretty much all the same features as the Microsoft Sidewinder X4, but twice the price.

The Cooler Master keyboards are mechanical, don't have unnecessary bells and whistles, and come in at or just below $100.

Although just out of your price point, the Corsair K60 and K70 have good reviews.

im using the coolermaster quickfire cm storm mechanical keyboard. so long as you dont like clicky noises its amazing.

build quality is really nice and sturdy and its backlit if you like that sort of thing.

It looks really cool and I almost got it, but I wanted something with a really good tactile feedback/feel so I got a Tt esports Poseidon Z. It's a basic keyboard layout but it has mechanical blue switches.

If you do end up getting this keyboard, please let me know how the keystrokes feel.

I would still consider getting this keyboard if it feels like it has some kind of tactile bump.