100 Dollar or Less Desktop Speakers

Could anyone point me to some good sub 100 dollar desktop speakers please? Hoping to get some for Christmas but I'm not like an audiophile or anything

A buddy of mine has these their good..


I have these bought them refurbished a few years ago for 55$..I like them a lot..I was going to buy the x540 but a bunch of reviews said the x530s were better so I went with those and I could not find any new at the time..


Edit: just to give you an idea of how old they are...lol


Also what are you looking for 2.1, 5.1, just desktop speakers??

I am looking for 2.1 with the style of M-audio (rectangles), I know m-audio sells these http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/StudiophileAV30.html - would this be a good buy?

Here read reviews for yourself, and you decide..


Here is the supposed newer model..


I have these and they are VERY good. They have 3D sound which is basically sorround and its not the fake simulated kind either because they also have speakers in the back., it really works. Legit at 45$ on Amazon

Logitech Z506

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