10-bit color lost on Samsung automatic firmware update

So my un40ku6290 did a firmware update this week. Text started looking really weird so I started digging into the settings. Can’t set the input to Game mode anymore so Nvidia control panel can’t detect this source as an ouput that supports 10-bit color. 30 minutes later after trying the latest 2 firmwares, I decided to set the damn thing back to factory. un-freaking believable. I try not to be a paranoid nut, but this kind of thing is what makes us act this way :angry::anger:

And yes, it’s disconnected from the internet now. Fool me once, shame on me. I guess now it’s time to force my wife to use her no-permissions Windows account to play music - no more remote browsing for her.

Wife > firmware update that removes 10 bit color.

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Maybe next time. Or maybe now is a good excuse to buy that chromecast audio I’ve had my eye on :thinking: