1 Tb ssd

Well i just Ordered a new computer and for the "low low" price of £300 i got a 1Tb ssd and a 3 Tb hdd with it any one know which one i should put the operating system on and which one i should put games on?

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Games with long loading times = SSD

Games with short loading times = doesn't matter. HDD would be the better choice.

I also like to put some multiplayer games on SSDs, so I spawn into maps faster at the start of each round.

Boot always from SSD, it reduces time to boot by a significant amount, and everything just works more snappy

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thanks for the reply its helps me a lot ε=

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Wait, you got a 1 TB SSD and a 3 TB HDD for £300?

That's cheap.

yea i know i got real lucky i can send you to the site that i got it from they build computers but you can probbly sweet talk them into just sending you individual components as there real nice people

OS and things you use often on SSD. HDD for music, movies, games you don't play often, etc

Where did you get the ssd for that cheep?

no i was just as surprised as you are out curent vat rate is 18% and it said the vat was included

a website called overclockers.co.uk.  i got a pc from them and they asked if i wanted the ssd and the hdd upgrading so it was £100 for a 1tb hdd and a small sdd or 300 for a 1tb sdd and 3tb hdd they only ship to England though  but if you live in England you could probably just buy the parts straight from them they are really nice people.

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ummm i think they do all of the uk but like i said there really friendly i bet if you asked they would ship to any-wear it would just cost extra. 

-Alex (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥