[1 Month Just do it Challenge] Xcom 2 Tek Syndicate Mod

Whatsup folks.

Watching @DeusQain play Xcom 2 the other night. Joked around about making an Xcom 2 - Tek Syndicate mod so I thought that this would be a kinda cool project to work on. This will be a very basic, purely aesthetic mod at first. Depending on how things go, I may create some custom abilities ie Wendell - Linux Bash, Pistol - Death stare, Logan - Infallible logic (if you guys have any ideas post them below). I also want to at some stage introduce logan's creeper face poking around buildings on the home screen environment la Paul's shower. Also perhaps some of the t-shirt designs.

Plans for mod:
Full cast of Tek Syndicate:

  • Logan
    (Guest starring to make a full team of 6) @JokerProductions

Phase 1:
Custom Tattoos, Face-paint and Armour Patterns. Pretty much just burning earth logos and tek syndicate branding at this stage, probably a WASD tattoo if I can get it working.

Phase 2:
Create characters

Phase 3:
Potential Voice pack- Gosh darn aliens
Tek syndicate weapon

Started it off today - this is my very first forray into any kind of Game modding so progress will most likely be slow, don't expect overmuch. This is what i've accomplished today though - burning earth logo and a basic mock up of Logan- He's only wearing a cap to show off the burning earth logo a bit more. By the end of the week I should have the burning earth logo as an additional tattoo, weapon skin and facepaint. Tek syndicate as a weapon skin and so on.

Does anyone have any idea where I can source some high res tek syndicate images? Unreal 3 editor needs 256x256 images for most things.


Lol, I was lurking that stream! I might actually play XCOM 2 if you can make this happen

Will do my best in the spare time I have!

Logan the bear slayer looks glorious

Credit for the name goes to Qain - he made a Logan model which inspired the mod lol

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Xcom2 is great. Didn't know @DeusQain was playing. What difficulty was he playing on?

There are some burning earth svg logos on the forums search for the backgrounds thread

Judging by the amount of cussing not easy lol Thanks man! I'll have a look

If anyone has potential tattoos/patterns or any other ideas for the mod feel free to chime in!

1000x1000 and 900x900.
Hope it helps!

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Threw this together in GIMP.
Should be 1080P

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Thanks for the assets guys! I'm actually thinking that I may have to create custom 256x256 images for the mod though, when I rescale them to fit within the above dimensions, the result comes out as incredibly pixelated in game- especially the tattoos. Will do some fiddling and see what I can come up with

I am not sure why but contracting images blurs them.
Odd, but hey those are good pngs to have on hand.

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