0x80300024 Error Code When Trying to Install Windows

I get an 0x80300024 error code when trying to install Windows on my desktop. I have never had this issue happen before. I’m wondering if someone can tell me why this occurs or why it’s occurring. It’s Windows 8.1 Pro if that helps.

Managed to get it working by disconnecting my second hard drive, but I still don’t understand why it would give this issue/message.

Would appreciate knowing if there’s any way around this. It’s extremely annoying having to crack open my PC to disconnect a cable in a tight space, only to reattach it later on.

Start by using something that’s supported in 2023?

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If you’re NOT going to help, LEAVE.

A quick google search popped up this:


No surprised that windows didn’t clear or setup partitions correctly or try and put the boot loader on the secondary drive for some stupid reason! Have had to redo my fresh windows install a couple of times in a row because it didn’t do something correctly!

Received the same error message under Windows 10.

can be caused by not having the usb drive your trying to boot from, as the first boot device in the bios/eufi.
solution, load up the bios/eufi and move the usb up the boot order.
you want to do this for installing anyway incase windows has to reboot during install.
once windows is up and running change the boot order back to your primary drive and you should be good.

I’ve had windows installs fail after the first reboot if I don’t remove the flash drive I installed with.