Zweihander Questions


You have said you listen to all forms of music, and you create the 8-bit type music. Do you listen to other 8-bit style artists? If so, what are they? Do you draw inspiration from them or from other genres of music? Also, how is the new album coming along?

I would also really like to know this. I listen to Zweihander, along with soundtracks to FTL and Starbound at work to drown out people rambling on about their Xboxs.


He is a percussionist, and he has mentioned that he enjoys implementing lots of interesting beats into his music. If you listen to Zweihander, it is apparent. In terms of other artists he draws from, I'm not sure.

Yeah, there is no other Artist that is quite like Zweihander. I have heard some bits and pieces of songs that sounds new from different videos that they release. So it seems like he's working on some new stuff. 

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I've always heard a strong Portal 2 influence, but it may just be coincidence (or just in my head).  The new stuff I've heard, to me, has a bit of a 80s revival kind of sound mixed in as well.  Think Kavinsky, Electric Youth, Dance with the Dead etc.  But again, could just be in my head.

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I'm not too wild about 8bit. It do like the stuff from Kōji Kondō a lot. Ben Prunty is also really good. He did FTL.

I am OK with a few other artists and I can usually listen to stuff in the background, but I do not get into much chiptune music. I find some of it repetitive. I like when the music goes on a journey rather than just playing the same hook over and over again. 

I usually just listen to my metal, classical, bluegrass, and sometimes jazz. Does anyone know of any good chiptunes I should check out?

EDIT: I do like a couple of Bill Kiley's albums: 

I have a few artists that mix pretty well with Zweihander. 

  • Disasterpeace- Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
  • Danny Baranowsky- The Binding of Isaac
  • Jim Guthrie- Sword & Sworcery Lp: Ballad of the Space Babies