Zweihander Permissions

Hello there Logan,

I am wanting to start up a Let's Play channel on the Youtubes and on Twitch.  I would like to use some of the Zweihander music I bought off bandcamp.  Do I have your permission?  And if so is credit required?

You may use Zweihänder in your creative works (videos, movies, etc.). Here is all you need to do:

  • Include this mp4 in your video somewhere. If you are streaming, play it on the screen every now and then to give Zweihander a plug: DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Add this to your description: Music used with permission from Logan of Check it out here:
  • If your video is on Youtube, add an annotation (spotlight works well, you can have it outline the image of the album art) and make the annotation a clickable link to the bandcamp page.
  • You may not use the songs as the main content of your video. You may use them as intro, outro, background music, etc. 

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Thank you for the info.