Zweihander for twitch streams

Hey Logan I love the show! I am new to streaming on and am currently looking for background music to play during streams and I was wondering if you would be alright with me using zweihander. I will cite you as the author and place the bandcamp link in my banner. Also if you wish to have royalties that is reasonable and will be paid in the form of dogecoin 

Funny that this should be the top post on Inbox as it's my reason for coming here too!

I'm trying to find out how to get permission to use 6 seconds of Zweihander for an intro for an upcoming series of videos I plan to make when Star Citizen's dogfighting module is released. They will be not-for-profit and will also have obligatory credits + links to Tek Syndicate and Bandcamp.

raptor, IIRC, he said something like that should be fine for twitch streams.

topset, email logan: [email protected]

I thought this as supposed to function as the new [email protected] ?

I am actually doing a tutorial about how to record multiple sources with pulse audio right now using snakes audio as background music 

only for the inbox.exe questions. some things still need to go by email, like obtaining permission to use zweihander.


Yeah it's fine, i think they want you to actually. They've mentioned it in a inbox.exe or tek before and that as long as you don't use it in like a tv commercial then it's fine :)