Zweihänder albums

Just curious, how many of y'all enjoy Logan's work and have gotten his album? I plan on buying both of them when he releases his latest work. And as a random thought, do y'all know if Linus or any one on his "crew" likes Logan's work?

I listen to Zweihander when ever I go run, so almost every day. I like it and I really recommend it.


I've listened to it quite a few times on his bandcamp page and I really love it. To be honest, I've never heard anything quite like it. It's good to know and to find musicians with their own unique sounds. I hope he keeps it up and refines his skills even more. I'm hoping the new album is even longer than Ear Slayer.

I've been enjoying his music ever since I got Google Music All Access. Lets just say I've "pinned" it to my phone, and listen to it almost everyday. Curious what kind of money he makes on "All Access" plays. Hmm..

The one I listen the most is Earwig, It gives you the sensation that you are gonna hear Logan's voice anytime (they use it a lot in the videos)