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Hey, does anyone know if the upcoming Facebook Currency will be forced upon all those awful Facebook games, maybe even the Facebook Marketplace?
I have no interest in Farcebook myself, but seeing how companies have in-game or in-system virtual bucks, and how FB has touched upon the life of almost every current living person, I guess I’m thinking the cancerous thing has a big chance of being profitable, at least for early adopters? That’s if there is inflation built into the system.

Even if the evil corp does a pump and dump to get people to buy vbucks, before killing it off…



I’m having trouble figuring out what you’re trying to say…



Sorry, I mean might they encourage partners using their platform to use the currency.
For things like tokens/gems in the facebook games.

Rather than just to send money to other users



Yeah i would imagine they would. A currency isnt much use if you cant buy things with it, i guess implementing it on everything they have make sense. Facebook is used a lot for trade as well, so they might implement it into that as well.



Wanna sell me your rig for 6,000 greenbacks?



I don’t think FB is making a crypto just for crappy webgames.



Excuse my tinfoil-hattedness but: Sounds pretty facebook-ish to want to control a means of payment that has tracking built-in, right?

There was blockchain somewhere in the concept, right?

Past experience with Facebook was: Let’s track first and then worry what to use that for.



I did an extensive write up that should answer all the questions you have.

(no idea why this appears as a wall of text here… I guess linking the link directly is a bad idea)

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