Zszywany's adventures with software development

As part of the Just Do It Challenge I’ve decided to start a blog.
I will learn to program and deploy and you’re in for a ride!

About me

I’m a design engineer and I work in the automotive industry. I design parts of utility vehicles for a living. Driving customer success.

I am, and always was, interested in computers and related technologies. This interest led me finally to trying out programming.


Find out what I’m really interested in doing professionally in IT.
Will it be development, designing architecture or deployment.

Current “projects”

  1. Learn PHP and MySQL basics by doing a supplier database with a web interface for adding new records. (time horizon of one month)
  2. Lean Docker basics and try it for PHP development (one week)


  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Visual Studio Code
  • New Windows Terminal
  • Docker Desktop

I hope I won’t have to replace my 120 GB SSD just yet.
Wish me luck!


Super excited to follow you on this journey!