Zpool Import Insufficient Repliacas

I build my TrueNAS using the Threadripper Platform it has 64GB of EEC RAM

24 Drive bays
8x 14TB SAS
4x 12TB SATA
4x 10TB SATA

I added these drivers over time 2 per week in 2 drive mirrors.

I installed the TrueNAS image on one 120GB NVMe (bad move I know)

2 of the SAS Drives have since degraded and the 120GB NVMe failed around the same time

I installed the TrueNAS again on 2x 1TB NVMe I was using in another system but I cannot import the pool I get the message insufficient replicas.

The two drives that are broken are not in the same mirror so there is one drive in each mirror that is good and I have two new 14tb drives installed ready to replace the broken ones, as I cannot import the pool i am finding it hard to resilver the new drives.

Any help would be greatly apprenticed I have no backup of the data but can recreate the data it will take months, I am in the process of getting a backup server so if I cannot restore the drives I will split the drives I have now between the two servers and add more disks to both servers at the same time

Can you go to the command line and try to import the pool manually? What are the error messages?