Zorin Terminal?

I am writing a IT admin guide for Zorin OS and need to know where the Terminal Emulator is located in the menus. I dont have Zorin OS near me at the moment and it will be several hours until I have the chance to.
I need to know for the stock Zorin DE as well as the Zorin Lite Edition.

I just recently got canned at my IT contractor job since they decided to switch to a local business that provides "shitty" service. By shitty I mean, they sent one of their machines that had a hardware failure off to the company for repair over 2 weeks ago. The computer has yet to be fixed.........they also charge an arm and a leg too.

But I digress. They network consists of Windows and Linux machines. Their Lab computers have Linux on them as University students use them a lot and I wanted to reduce the amount of malware that would get on them.
The distro I ultimately chose to use was Zorin OS as it was as close to a Windows like interface as I could get.

Since they canned me, I am going to be a nice and responsible IT guy and provide them with a guide on how to keep those machines up to date. Usually, I would update the machines twice a week. I used the classic update script: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y && sudo reboot to install all the updates and reboot the machines.

In one of the labs, I used Xubuntu as the machines were so old (7 years). for them I wrote a executable bash script version of that and placed it in the whisker menu so all they have to do is launch it and type in the password.