Zoom in please? or change Font Size?

Hey Logan, I watch all of your videos in 240p(Internet download speed here is about 496kbps and upload is about half that and also youtube is pretty slow here) and when you show stuff online on your browser during videos, I can't read what's on the screen clearly. Could you zoom in a little bit or change the font's size when you screen capture?

Thank you.

I don't even think that changing the font or the size of the font would help at all. Logan reads/sums up what's on the page the majority of the time anyways. 



I get about the same speed. I occasionally download their vids (720p) overnight or at my school.

Not trying to be an ass, but I wouldn't bother holding my breath. Don't expect them to cater to the select few who have bad internet speeds. Downloading overnight would probably be your best bet (unless you have a data cap).

Good luck.

I think Logan and the team will oblige because

Zooming in/increasing font size a little bit "caters" to Everybody.

Not zooming in/increasing font size "caters" to the majority who are from North America.

It's not hard to change font size.

P.S. That's bits per second not bytes per second. My real speed is ~60kBps. Are you sure that's your internet speed? If you already knew that, I'm sorry and ignore the P.S..

Changing it would definitely help. Although Logan and Wendell sum the topic up beautifully, I would like to be able to at least read the Title. I can't even make out what the title says at 240p sometimes.

Now, I don't expect to be able to read the content at such low resolutions. If I wanted to do that I would just go to the article.

at 240P, he would have to make the text fill his entire screen for that to be plausible..

They usually post links to all of the articles and websites used on the episode. You can always just check those out, or even read along while watching. 

No he wouldn't.

Sometimes I read the articles. Sometimes, I just don't want to. Just the title usually suffices. Will be happy with just a tad increase in font size so that the title is legible in the video.

Ctrl + Scroll up

Yes. Could Logan do that on his browser when he is recording his screen during THE TEK, INBOX or any other video that involves showing his browser? Just 2 or 3 'ctrl+up's would do.

Exactly what I was thinking is it so hard to just scroll down to see what they all are anyway?

I'm sorry minus but I really doubt that he would do that just for one person. At 240p even if he made the text bigger, you would still not be able to read what the text says. 

Now if Logan put the articles in the description (Not sure if he does or not i'll check in a few) that would be more reasonable. 

He always has.

Did you try watching any episode of THE TEK at 240p before you posted that comment? I think I would definitely be able to make out what the title says if he zoomed in just a little bit. Also to quote one of my previous comments, "I can't even make out what the title says at 240p sometimes." Sometimes = about 15-25 percent of the time. As Pistol explained, it is as simple as Ctrl+Scroll Up. And he doesn't even have to do that for all articles. Only the ones where he thinks the title is a bit small.

When he comes across such an article, all he has to think is "Hey the title is a bit small. That won't look well at lower res. <Ctrl+Up>". And that's it. Everybody is to gain from this and nobody to lose.

Incidentally, this would also help people who are watching the videos on 360p and 480p as they will now be able to even make out the beginning of the content of the article which they may not have been able to before, which might pique their interest and they may go on to the original website to read the entire article, which once again, is good for everybody.

Yes. Logan puts a link to a list of links in the decription.

Here's another reason which I scrounged up. In the future, should the links go dead because the original article's website has been shut down and no other copy of the article exists anywhere, Tek Syndicate's video might be the one saving grace. Even more so if the text is legible.

The question isn't "Why should he?" It's "Why shouldn't he?"

Everything seems pretty readable at 240p me actually. I don't see the problem.

It's only on some articles. I think I've exaggerated the percentage there a little.

I watch a lot of the youtube contents on my gs3 on the go during my day and a definitive system to either speak exactly what we're looking at on the screen (happens most of the time) or do have it blown up enough so that I can read it on my youtube app would be very much appreciated.  I don't like having to turn videos off because we're expected to be sitting down at a computer able to read the slides or able to crank the video quality up on a wifi connection.  This certainly isn't the case for me, I expect a fair amount of other people are in the same boat, be it with crappy internet or something similar.